Empowering Kids

with Mindful Tools for Mindful Living

"Timothy Tao and the Owl of the Woods"

Follow along with Timothy Tao as he journeys into the unknown.  Overwhelmed by the confusion in his life, twelve-year-old Timothy sets off into the forest in search of help.  On the way, he meets a most unexpected teacher, who shows him how to apply affirmations to his life.

With the help of parents, teachers and other caregivers, Timothy Tao Books© empower kids with mindful tools for mindful living.  Each story contains a fable-like lesson accompanied by practical advice that encourages self-reflection and inner growth.

Timothy Tao and the Owl of the Woods is book one in a series of lessons Timothy learns while walking through the forest.  In book two, Timothy will explore the power of visualization.  In book three, he will deepen his journey through the practice of mindfulness.


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