What grade levels are most appropriate for this book?

The story is appropriate for any age, however, developmentally and conceptually it is most appropriate for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  

What is the intention of the book?

To show the significance of language in shaping our mental habits and to highlight the difference between friendly and unfriendly self-talk.  We learn through repetition and association.  Affirmations try to utilize this process in creating habits of mind that emphasize our aspirations and intentionality.  


Are we creating false expectations with affirmations?

Affirmations are not the solution to everything.  They are a tool in a toolbox of actions we can do to live happier, more fulfilling lives.  


Why approach affirmations through the lens of perception?

Perception is something we have control over.  I felt like I would be creating false expectations to suggest that affirmations could change things out of our control. For example, a child wishing their divorced parents will get back together.  Although they have no control over that situation, they do have control over how they respond to that experience through their perception of it.


What’s the difference between perspective and perception?

It’s a bit of a gray area, but I see it like this: Perspective is more of an external experience related to space and time.  It’s situational.  We could be looking at the same thing, but I am looking at it from the front and you are looking at it from behind.  Although it is the same object, it looks different from either side.   Perception on the other hand is more of an internal experience.  It’s the way we interpret life and create meaning.  So, even though we could be looking at the exact same thing from the same perspective, we could still see it differently.  Perceptions are typically based on an assortment of memories, judgments, associations and beliefs that we accumulate over time through our varying life experiences. 


What is the difference between negative thinking and positive thinking?

 I refer to negative thinking as any thought that works against our happiness and success. These are doubtful, judgmental, fearful and contracting thoughts.  Conversely, positive thinking is any thought that expands our awareness.  These are the thoughts that open doors and counter the impulse to criticize ourselves.

Are affirmations just positive thinking?

They are more than positive thinking.  They give creative power to our most beloved intentions and aspirations.  It isn’t good enough just to think or say your affirmations.  They require emotional connections, action and trust in the creative process.